Mixed Messages

  • So much fabric, so little time!

      I walked into a fabric store the other day, well, okay so I was only supposed to drive by, but without fail I was drawn to the endless aisles of textiles within zero seconds flat!  An hour later, I emerged with my "finds" in tow feeling like I had just won a million dollar lottery.  Granted I could have walked out with more, but I had to exercise at least some constraint.  I mean, I had to leave something behind for the next textile addict, right? 

    Okay, so there it is, I'm putting it out there. I am addicted to fabric. Different colors of it, textures, blends and weaves. Doesn't matter.  If it's cute, I'll snatch it up.  I may not immediately use it at that particular moment, but eventually it will make its way onto the cutting board, as it were, and behind my sewing machine where I will manipulate it into one of my creations.

    Some friends have joked about an intervention, insisting that I not be allowed to purchase any new fabric without first disposing of 5 yards or more.  It's working, but while I'm in recovery, I figure there could be worse vices.  Still, I have learned to turn a blind eye (really, I have) :-). every now and then. 

    Until there's a cure I'll be tinkering away in my studio, enjoying the new colors and blends and textures and hope you enjoy them, just as much as I've enjoyed creating them. :-)




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