About Mixed

 Mixed began as a hobby for former broadcast journalist, Drew Murphy.  Since as far back as his college days, Drew always had a hand in retail.  So it was just a matter of time before he found himself back in the retail environment.  Armed with the notion of handpicking handbags, jewelry, and accessories, he decided to set up shop at a night fair in his hometown of Guam. 

As it turned out, women loved his selections and were impressed with the range in his assortment.  Then, the magic happened!  Using skills he learned from his Mom, he decided to try his hand at creating his very own line of handbags.  The response was phenomenal and eventually, nightly craft fairs soon led to a boutique, a brand, and a loyal following of satisfied customers.  Thus, Mixed was born.

Now based in Hawaii, Drew continues to produce handbags as unique as the women they are inspired by.  And whether it's his bold choice of fabric, to his uncanny ability to design handbags women fall in love with, one thing's certain, the Mixed label symbolizes an unmistakable blend of style & charm fused with love and Aloha.